Reklámtábla készítés

Graphic and image design
Emblems, company signs
Promotional tools and displays

3D plans
Interior design
Furniture design
Advertising equipments
Decoration and presentation walls for exhibitions

Permit documentation
for advertising equipments

Assistance to get permissions

Retail trade of boards
Cutting to measure of boards
Contour milling
Edge lamination

Sale of raw materials for advertisements
Cutting to measure

Sale of Lighting products and raw materials
LED lines and modules
Schillerization switches and controls
Wall-washing RGB LEDs, reflectors

Processing of Plexi-glass and acryl
Milling and engraving
Manual and mechanical edge polishing

Processing of materials of the Costumer
Milling and engraving
Cutting to measures of profiles and 45o cutting
Welding of aluminium and stainless steel sheets
Construction of Metal Structures
Sand-blasting for decoration purposes
Homogenization of surfaces for decoration
      purposes can be made by grit blasting

Contour milling, engraving
With mechanical and laser engraving machines

Processing of sandwich-structure decoration boards
(eg.: Dibond, Alucobond, Reynobond)

Cutting to measures
Straight and arch milling by milling machines
Construction of architectural covering panels
Precision drilling

Final assembling at Constructions
Assembling of advertising equipments,
      boards, roof-top light boxes
Assembling of architectural covering panels
Building of electrical networks
Dry constructions, painting

Advertising boards and roof-top signs
Demolition and take-away of equipments

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