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Polisign has provided services in the following fields since 1993:

Designing, manufacturing, implementation and maintenance of individual advertising equipments, interior design products and decoration, exhibition stands, product displays, office and shop furniture applying hi-tech lighting systems based on the own production facilities and experiences of qualified management and staff.

3D plans and technical drawings
3D plans and technical drawings
      Advertisement equipments, office and
      shop furniture, decoration and presentation walls for
      exhibitions, displays.

Production of advertising boards
llluminated and non-illuminated signs with
      vinyl lettering and digital printing
Luminous boxes with plexi-glass front panel
      (with high-voltage neon lights, fluorescent lights or
Advertising boards with stretched film
      (with internal light)
Shaped Light Boxes
Decoration by vinyl and digital printing

Advertising Lights
High-voltage neon lights
Indoor and outdoor LED-displays
Waterproof LED Neon Flex tubes
RGB LEDs multicolour (reflectors, wall-washer lights)
Decoration lights
Luminous poster frames, Frame lights

Shaped box letters
Box letters made of metal and/or plastic
Light box letters
Information panels with spacers
Foam letters
High level signs, rooftop advertisements
Trade signs, emblems, frontage signs

Edge light signs
Mechanical and laser milled signs made
      of plexiglass
Luminous plexi-glass presentation displays
CNC milling

Information systems and signage
Door signs and nameplates with engraving or
      vinyl lettering
Orientation and information boards
Price displays

Furniture with Lighting built-in
Office and shop furniture
Bookshelves, stands
Reception counters
Product displays and hostess counters

Displays, installations for exhibition
Combination of wood, metal, plastic and glass
With different lighting technics
Interactive displays

Poster systems
Lighting poster stands and profiles
Mechanical-rolling poster boxes
Digital printings
Matrix frames
      – film fastener profiles with changeable textile films
On-wall or standing frame light systems

Colour vinyl or sand-blast lettering and graphics
      for shop-windows
Print and photo pressing
Heat and light protecting foils
Car decoration
Wall painting with LED

Processing of Sandwich-structure decoration boards
Milling and cutting of Alucobond, Dibond, Reynobonds
Front panels
Covering panels
Counters and displays

Processing of Plexi-glass
Adjusting, cutting and milling
Edge polishing, bending, hot moulding
CNC milling
Brochure holders and product displays, nameplates
Individual designs and interior designs
Different plexi decoration

Processing of metal
Processing of stainless steel and aluminium plates
Producing of steel and aluminium structures
Box letters and poster frames
Stands and holding structures
Rolling and bending
Cutting into measures, mitre cutting
Mass production of metal products by pressing,
      milling and cutting

Sand-blast and production of send-blast equipment
Sand-blasting for industrial and decoration purposes
Production of closed and open sand-blast equipments
Spare parts for sand-blasting machines
      (blasting hoses, nozzle holders and hose couplings)

On-site installation
Lighting boxes, front panels
      with the help of stands, scaffolds, cranes and
      alpine technics
Installation, and connection of the lighting boxes
      and boards
Maintenance and demolition of the equipments
On-site installation of furniture and displays

Final constructions
Building electrical networks
Dry constructions
Installation of indoor and outdoor covering panels

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