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2009 After long preparation work, our new redesigned website will help our Partners, Visitors and Customers to get useful information about the products and services of Polisign.
2008 The new site of Polisign built in the frame of green-field investment is opened.
The modern building provides convenient work places for the final steps of production (milling, final assembling, electrical work, decoration) – and the management and administration, as well as the warehouse and showroom for its commercial partner, PS Design.
2007 Construction of the new building began after a year planning and preparation work.
2006 Managing complex implementations required more high qualified personnel and convenient workplace, meeting rooms in a well-organized modern building, as the previous place had been outgrown by the company activities. After serious search for adequate place, finally, Polisign found and bought an industrial building site for the new headquarter in the outskirts of Budapest (16 district).
2005 By purchasing a new CNC Plate Shear, the quality and speed of cutting of metal plates became higher, providing the possibilities to cut any type of plates for our Partners as well.
2004 Extension of the range of machines by CNC Hydraulic Press Brake machine (3000 mm) has widen the scale of services, eliminating the subcontractor’s work.
2003 Based on the increasing volume of sales of raw materials, the owners decided to split the company’s activities to trade and production by establishing a new commercial company. By developing of the joinery workshop more complex projects could be completed by the company.
2002 In the centre of Aszód - not far from the Polisign headquarter in Budapest - the company bought an industrial site with a building of 11.000 square meter, which provided sufficient place for locksmith, joinery and extrusion works.

The machineries were furbished and developed continuously in the capacious workshops. New warehouse capacity, changing rooms and bathrooms were constructed in the building.
2000 Establishing the own production background by renting site and purchasing machines in the Ikarus Industrial Park of Budapest.

The volume of production and number of personnel increased. Based on the claims of Clients and reliable stock of products stored in the warehouse the volume of sales of raw materials increased.
1995 Instead of larger developing, we concentrated our forces on managing projects.
1993 Establishment of the company in the developing economical environment based on the several year of experience gained in the industry.

Continuous investment in the equipments, work-force and car-fleet was completed during the first years.

More complex services were demanded by our Customers instead of simple assembling, so we expanded the range of suppliers and subcontractors and gained more experience in the industry.
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